How to Make the Transgender Date Go Smoothly (Part 1)

As a frequent visitor of the transgender dating sites, I have been involved in a large number of tranny dates. Several years ago, I stepped inside the kinky dating area and I found that ts dating relationship is different from other ordinary relationships. Transgender dating life can create surprise for me from time to time and I realize that lgbt dating relationship is exactly what I am looking for. Since then, I have hooked up with a great many transgender women and made so many tranny dates. These first several tranny dates end in failure. After the research for the transgender dating, I have succeeded in finding out the factors that result in the failure of the dates. Well, to help other trans hookup chasers avoid making the same mistakes, I have summarized the following skills that can help you make a smooth and successful tranny date.

  • Take it easy

Though it is common to feel a little bit nervous when you make an offline transgender dating for the first time, you need to try to calm yourself down. The state of nervousness will hinder you from being authentic and genuine. When you are nervous, you will react slowly. If your tgirl date put forward an interesting perspective, you are unable to respond to her in time. Besides, when both of you are in silence, the atmosphere will be fairly peculiar. And at this time, you need to be ice breaker and think out some open-ended topics. All of these reactions are made by you in the case that you are relaxed enough. Therefore, before the tgirl date starts, you had better find ways to take it easy such as taking a deep breathe.

  • Praise your date

Compliments on your transgender dating partner are indispensable for the first date. But you should control the compliments in an appropriate range. Otherwise, it will only backfire. Under one circumstance, if you seldom praise your tgirl date, she will doubt that maybe you are not satisfied with her which will hinder her from fall in love with you. Under another, if you overload her with these compliments the whole date, you will also spoil the date because your date will consider you as an insincere person. Thus, compliment your date from time to time will exert the greatest positive influence on your date. What’s more, the abstract praise is not as good as the specific praise. For instance, you should say that your eyes look gorgeous rather than you are beautiful.

  • Be thoughtful

If you are determined to lead a kinky dating life, you need to have a comprehensive and deep knowledge of transgender women. Transgender women are extremely sensitive about the specific details and they are crucial in whether you can move your date and win her heart. For example, when she is about to sit down in the restaurant, you need to pull the chair out for her; when she is getting out of the door, you are supposed to offer her a hand; when you are going to stand up and leave, you should wait for her and let her go first. All of these are easily to be neglected by most of men. If you can focus on the details, you will have larger chances to be successful.