Reasons why men not prefer a Transsexual Woman for Relationship

Transsexual women are not cis women but they are women by all means. The only difference between cis women and a transsexual woman is cis women are women by birth and transsexual women are after their Trans surgery. There are many reasons that men mostly avoid  tgirl dating. One of the main reasons that men are not interested in dating with a transsexual women because they think that they might become gay or considered as a gay in front of their friends, family and relatives if they are dating a transsexual woman.

This is clearly a misconception about dating a transsexual woman. Transgender woman are not cis women but they are not men also. Tgirl are hundred percent women and not a man that makes you gay if you are dating with a transsexual woman.

This is also a fact that gay guys are always looking for a men to date with and not a women. This won’t be happen in the case of transsexual dating because transsexual woman owns women genitals now after surgery and they are not a man anymore. This is a quite clear that you are not dating with a man and never considered as a gay while dating with a transsexual woman

Men are always full of their men hood and they don't like that they are questioned about their gender and sex choices. So, in most cases you can find that few men won't prefer to date with a transsexual woman.

There is also another issue that men prefer not to date a transsexual woman. They think that t-woman are only looking for money and sex from men that's why they Trans themselves and now working as a sex workers and going out for a date with men easily for quick earnings. But this is not really worth and correct. Transsexual women also want to get the same treatment as you give to cis women. They are also looking to get love and pamper from their partner and make her feel special for them.
This is the fact that approximately 85% of woman are struggling and facing issues when they want to be in a relationship, because mostly men don't want a transsexual woman as their first choice in terms of long term relationship.

There is another thing that men also avoid transsexual women for date and looking for transsexual women for relationship is they are not able to born babies. Yes. This is one of the major issues when you think a relationship factor with transsexual women.

There are few cases that men don't think that transsexual women are good for relationship and they even don't image a healthy life with transsexual women. Yes, there are men that have fantasies to date with a transsexual woman but they only want to date them or looking for sex favors and nothing else.

So, all these things make effective evidence that there are men who won't really prefer transsexual women for relationship.