We should more understand transgender people

Now, as you know, this is a diverse world, and in a world like this, the existence of different kinds of people is very reasonable. But many people still don't understand a community like transgender people, and some even think it's unfortunate to be friends with such people. However, transgender and crossdresser people have done nothing wrong. The vast majority of transgender and ladyboy people are just as good as ordinary people. What we can't deny is that there are some transgender people who do have distorted and abnormal phenomenon, but ordinary people also have such phenomena, don't they? If you want to see more wonderful things in the world, you should first have a more inclusive mindset, and you should have an eye for beauty in transgender and crossdresser people.

Many transgender women are very attractive because they know how to dress themselves and they are more willing to spend some time focusing on their inner and outer appearance. This may be something that the average woman cannot achieve. The vast majority of trans dating girls pay an intolerable price to be more feminine. In order to look more like a real woman, some transgender girls have plastic surgery to soften the curves of their faces and make them look more like a real woman. Therefore, they have to bear some risks of cosmetic failure. On top of that, some crossdressers are so physically fit that they have to spend more time exercising and changing their bodies to fit into tight dresses. I think they are the spirit of ordinary people should learn more.

We know that everyone has the right to pursue beauty, so we can't laugh at every cross dressing person who is pursuing their ideal. Some cross dressing women may not look very beautiful, but we should learn to respect their efforts. When everyone respects ladyboy and transgender people, transgender women will not be discriminated against. Because there are so many people who still don't respect the community of transgender people, I want to call on you to respect crossdresser’s will and their spirit. When you stop thinking of transgender women as a special group and start thinking of them as ordinary people, then transgender women and transgender men are much better off in society. Don't get to know a transgender person you've never met with your inherent biases and label them. Obviously this is not a way to make the society more harmonious.

Even though there are a lot of famous transgendered people, and the number of transgendered people is growing, there are still a lot of people around the world who don't know a group of transgendered people. This has resulted in many legal provisions that do not meet the rights of crossdresser. When the rights and interests of transgender people are not protected by relevant laws, the situation of the existence of transgender people in this society will not be better.

Now, please take the stigma off transgender people and be fair and objective about crossdresser who you know and who you don't.